Rare Earth Polishing Powder

Rare Earth Polishing Powder

Model No.︰PCA-3

Brand Name︰Bensiteng

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Code: PCA-3 Cerium oxide
(glass polishing powder)
Color : Pink
Code: WCA-1 Cerium oxide
(glass polishing powder)
Color: white
Rare earth polishing powder

Our brand of rare-earth polishing powder has been widely used in the technology of glass for the end polishing, such as flat glass, optical glass, conductive glass, extra-thin glass, and screen (glass shell), glass lens, and crystal glass, etc.
  This polishing powder is the best quality, with quality better than that of NED polishing powder of Japan and other same products in the domestic. It can increase polishing efficiency by 2.5-6.6 times as against the NEG polishing powder of Japan.